Open letter: Romanian civil society asks European leaders to avoid escalating tensions after Brexit; join us and sign the petition

Four Romanian civil society organizations have sent today a letter to the Presidents of the European Council, European Commission and the European Parliament. They demand from all sides maturity and responsibility in dealing with the effects of the British vote. Escalation in rhetoric and retaliation in action will only encourage extremist forces in Europe. True ···

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#alegeri2016 #votcorect Observe the local elections with Expert Forum

In every electoral year you hear about multiple voting, electoral tourism, mayors who use public resources for their own political campaign or stolen votes. Expert Forum gives you the opportunity to see how a polling station looks and to observe the whole voting process, from the opening to the end of the votes counting and ···


State Owned Enterprises – Preventing Corruption And State Capture (SCOPE)

In a consortium of 6 NGOs, the project provides a detailed analysis and strategic on the phenomenon of clientelism in state-owned companies (SOEs) in four EU Member States (3 new Member States, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic and an old member state, Italy), characterized by significant state interference in the economy. The project designs common ···


The Map of Clientelistic Mayors: do you know what your mayor is up to?

EFOR has launched Map of clientelistic mayors, a study showing how mayors migrated in the last four years, either through parties’ mergers or by OUG 55/2014, regarding the political migration. The Map of mayors who changed parties includes political affiliation of mayors in Romania in the 2012-2016 mandate and the problems they had and still have ···


[SCHOOL FOR DEMOCRACY] Teaching Democracy in Timisoara

On 21-22 January 2016, Expert Forum continued the series of seminars on the rule of law and active citizenship in Timisoara, within the Youth in Agora project, part of the School for Democracy program. The events were organized in partnership with the N. Lenau High School and the Timişoara Technologic High school of Food Industry. ···


Municipal utilities: we begin the monitoring of municipalities and local councils

Since next year there we will have local elections and people are concerned about the quality of municipal services/utilities (water, sewerage, sanitation, heating, public lighting), we started a new project: a monitoring of 8 cities with participatory citizens and investigative journalists from local media. On 3rd-4th December 2015 we held a first meeting in Bucharest, ···


Three screenings and debates ”De ce eu?” in the Republic of Moldova

We continue the series of debates “De ce eu ?”, started in Romania with a series of three screenings that will take place in December in the Republic of Moldova. The film will be screened at: Cahul – December 8, 18:00, State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” (Independence Square str., No. 1), Chisinau – December 9, ···


Activists and journalists unite to support whistleblowers in South-East Europe

Around the world, the need to protect and support whistleblowers has never been greater. Even as their disclosures are leading to more corrective actions within governments and corporations, whistleblowers continue to suffer from retaliation, threats, fines and criminal prosecution. In Southeast Europe, a new initiative has been launched to fight for the rights of employees ···

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