Boosting Fact Checking Activities in the Black Sea Region


Project Duration: November 2022 – April 2023

Implemented by: Expert Forum

Funded by: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Our project’s main aim is to create a more resilient and fact-based digital information ecosystem in the context of the Ukrainian war. We are at a unique time in our history where our borders are digitally invaded by huge volumes of propaganda and disinformation narratives that remain undebunked in public opinion. Our main focus will be the Black Sea Region, mainly Romania and Moldova with a focus on the Ukraine conflict. We will conduct the monitoring in Romanian (in Moldova the language is the same), Russian and Ukrainian. The first stage of the project will be establishing the monitoring methodology, sources, and keywords using Crowdtangle and Pulsar. We will exchange best practices and opinions with our regional collaborators.


Wartime Populism – What are politicians’ priorities when they discuss Ukraine on social media?

Energy Crisis – Disinformation.Energy Bills. War in Ukraine

Republic of Moldova – 2022 – NATO

Republic of Moldova – 2022 – European Union 

Boosting Fact-Checking Activities – 1 Year of Aggression

Brief – Online Monitoring: Propaganda and Disinformation in Romania 




Youth Training – 1 March, Dante Highschool, Bucharest County

Youth Training – 27-28 February, National College BP Hasdeu, Buzau County

Youth Training – 2-3 March, National College Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Galati County

Youth Training – 31 March, Cluj Debate Society, Agora Association, Cluj-Napoca City