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EFOR workshop on disinformation with the staff of the Ministry of Interior

Sorin Ioniţă speaks in the international conference The Impact of Foreign Informational Interferences on democratic processes/elections, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their own staff in the main hall of the Government. The topic of his presentation, based on EFOR’s monitoring and research of the last years, was How effective are the Kremlin ···

Analysis report

The subsidies of political parties in 2024 and the opacity of the electoral pre-campaign period

The report analyzes incomes and expenditures of political parties related to subsidies from the first 3 months of the year 2024 and the issues related to the lack of transparency during the pre-campaign period.   Read the full report (Romanian). Read the report in editable format (Romanian). Interactive graphs are available at Section dedicated ···

Analysis report

The nominations submitted for the European Parliament elections on June 9: who the candidates are and why the law is flawed

Political parties, electoral alliances, and independent candidates could submit nominations until April 10. For the 2024 elections, 15 parties/alliances and 7 independent candidates registered. The deadline for announcing the final nominations is April 29. EFOR has analyzed the data available up to this point on the Central Electoral Bureau (CEB) website. This report does not ···

Launch of the EFOR annual report – April 22: Risks for Romania in the next 10 years

  Monday, Apr 22nd at 10:00 Athénée Palace (Inter-Continental, str Episcopiei), room Regina Maria The debate within the EU regarding the future, specifically post-2035, centers on the long-term effects of various trends such as demographic shifts, the climate crisis, transitioning to new energy sources, technological advancements, and geopolitical issues. These range from further political integration ···

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