ANNUAL REPORT 2019 Economical clientelism and media misinformation: two sides of the same coin in electoral campaigns

Economical clientelism and media misinformation: two sides of the same coin in electoral campaigns; Russia’s influence in Romania, Moldova, Georgia and other neighbouring countries

Both the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 are represented by crucial elections in the Republic of Moldova, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia and Macedonia and in May 2019, we will have the general election for the European Parliament. These are some of the most important events to come in our region. All these votes are affected by the two major symptoms of poor governance promoted from the East:

(a) Clientelism as a successful political model, promoted ever more liberally as an alternative to the rule of law – both directly from public money, and through more subtle schemes, for example in energy; and

(b) systematic misinformation through new or traditional media. A relies on B, and B to serves A, consolidating each other in bad governance.

The EFOR 2019 report outlines the results of a series of projects of the organization and its partners on both components: measuring clientelism and combating strategic political misinformation. We will discuss the perspective of the political year 2019 in Romania and the region. EFOR experts and guests from the Republic of Moldova and Georgia will participate in the discussion as well.

The event will take place at the Athenee Palace (Hilton – Str. Episcopiei 1-3, Bucharest), in the Le Diplomate room. It will be on the 14th of March starting 11 AM until 2 PM. The event will be held in Romanian, without translation. We will be waiting for you at 10.45.


Contact and Confirmations:

[email protected] and 021 211 7400 – Alexandra Logofatu / Cezara Grama



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