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Can we afford being blasé?

Well, not really.  Actually, we cannot afford to be blasé even for a second.  Even if we are not involved in politics and have no intent of ever being involved, we still cannot afford an approach such as “I have standards, I have aspirations, I am not getting involved, it does not concern me…”  It sure does.  Below are three case studies that show why.

Corporate employees live the reality of the fact that a multinational has options and if the politicians heading the country where they have invested do not comply with their part of the deal – a deal that is often implicit, that the political leaders would not try to take unfair advantage of the private investors to the benefit of the state – these companies can choose to relocate. And then we see how our lack of involvement is affecting our pockets.

Those working abroad live the reality of different societies and decision making systems, but they still cannot afford to ignore what happens in Romania.  They have grandparents or parents who continue to live here and are facing an underfunded health care system and daily corruption.  They may have children, for whose sake they left to work abroad, children who are facing the reality of an education system that is underfunded and permeated by corruption.  And here’s how part of the money that sent from abroad to the beloved living here are getting wasted and consumed by corruption or inefficiency.

Anybody who has a job and pays taxes cannot afford to ignore the effects of policies and decisions.  It does matter where the money we spend in taxes end up and to what extent they return to us.  For example, while slipping and sliding in the snow on the sidewalks, we remember this is the consequence of public funds being misspent in fuzzy public procurements and contracts with companies that are not held liable if they do not do their work.  Here’s how reality reminds us that we should care.

The question is: how do we show efficiently that we care?  How do we make the state, at all levels, aware that we are watching?  Not just during elections, but permanently.  We can participate in the public consultations that the public authorities are required by law to hold; we don’t even have to leave home to do it.  An e-mail is not much, but many e-mails are a signal.  This is one idea.  Other better ideas are welcome.  The mere fact that we are thinking together is a step forward.

Support us: We have to make government more transparent and rational, by showing that we understand what they do and react when they are wrong. Get involved, contribute and support this effort.