EFOR workshop on disinformation with the staff of the Ministry of Interior

Sorin Ioniţă speaks in the international conference The Impact of Foreign Informational Interferences on democratic processes/elections, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their own staff in the main hall of the Government. The topic of his presentation, based on EFOR’s monitoring and research of the last years, was How effective are the Kremlin ···

Context - Why do we care about politicians' communication online?

Wartime Populism – What are politicians’ priorities when they discuss Ukraine on social media?

Context – Why do we care about politicians’ communication online? The National Coalition for Romania came to power about 3 months before Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, controversial legislation that led to democratic setbacks has become common. Support for Ukraine has seemed to be the coalition’s only indisputable position.Externally, Romania is a reliable partner of ···

How the media monitoring landscape looks 1 month before the election?

How the media monitoring landscape looks 1 month before the election?

  The Hungarian Media Landscape is dominated by pro-FIDESZ narratives mainly due to its dependency on Budapest funds. In the last three years, the Transylvanian Media Space Association received a grant of 20 million euros from the Hungarian government. Through the support  the association became by far the largest media trust in the Hungarian press ···