TENDER (MD): INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY TO develop the Methodology to collect data and document cases of violation of freedom of religion and on abusive use of religious freedom to limit other rights

BACKGROUND: In the Republic of Moldova, although the national legal framework provides for a broad protection of freedom of thought, conscience and religion, there are still important challenges ahead to ensure the full enjoyment of this fundamental right for all based on non-discrimination and equality. As acknowledged in the US Department of State International Religious ···

Campaign without discrimination. Civil society’s appeal for an electoral campaign devoid of discriminatory politic discourse

Year 2014 is an electoral one. On 25th of May elections are to be held for the European Parliament and partial elections in some uninominal circumscriptions, and in November presidential elections. Against this background, there is the temptation for some candidates to adopt popular themes, aimed against fundamental rights, ranging from stigmatizing social groups to ···

EFOR, FH, GDS and CRPE condemn the politicized and non-transparent appointment of the Ombudsman

Expert Forum, Freedom House, Grupul pentru Dialog Social and Centrul Roman de Politici Europene condemn the Parliament’s appointment procedure of the Ombudsman which was done in a non-transparent manner and without having a consensus from all political parties and the civil society. Transparently selecting a credible Ombudsman, politically independent, with a good professional reputation and immaculate integrity is ···

Parliament Palace, March 15, 14.00-16.00, public debate EFOR

ENERGY: Liberalization with a human touch, or how should the government avoid being electrocuted, Bulgarian style

It’s time to learn from others’ mistakes: sooner or later, energy reform should be done and completed. Sooner and cogently is preferable to later on with oversized costs. See how is to be done in the report attached here (Romanian only): Pol-Brief-20 Given that energy is a sensitive subject, price increases can overthrow a government. ···