In Brief on 9DASHLINE

EFOR meddles in East Asia, in the proverbial China shop: what we as East-Europeans should do in the growing crisis related to Communist China’s presence in Europe, and how it would help a lot if we were more pragmatic and thought outside the box. Thank you 9DASHLINE

Romania corruption battle exposes the limits of EU’s influence

Radu Mazare is a showman former Romanian mayor who has been on the cover of Playboy and sparked outrage by wearing Nazi uniform to a fashion show. Now the former top official for the Black Sea resort of Constanta has fled to Madagascar in the face of a corruption charge — and has said he will ···

Romania’s Descent Into ‘Fire Sale Government’ Worries Civil Society

A lack of transparency and stable regulations, as well as the constant need to renegotiate how government funds are allocated, has created a fire sale style of politics in Romania and much of the Balkans. This chaotic approach, while healthy for ruling parties and their political clientele, makes real local development impossible and prevents state-owned ···

Romania Reverses Decision to Weaken Corruption Law

BUCHAREST, Romania — After five straight days of spirited mass protests, and predictions that a half-million or more people might take to the streets on Sunday, Romania’s month-old government backed down Saturday and withdrew a decree that had decriminalized some corruption offenses. “We will hold an extraordinary meeting on Sunday to repeal the decree, withdraw ···

Why is Romania suddenly in turmoil?

Around the world, tens of millions of people can only dream of an income of $48,000. But in Romania today, that is how much money public officials can steal without fear of prosecution. Strictly speaking, the newly issued government decree does not make theft legal, but it decriminalises government misconduct if less than $48,000 is ···

Explainer: why Romanians are in despair over anti-corruption reforms

Romania has seen its biggest protests since the 1989 revolution after the new leftist government pushed through controversial anti-corruption reforms. Here we explain the changes, how they came about and why they are proving so contentious. What has changed? The social democrat (PSD) government announced a new decree that decriminalises some corruption offences (abuse of ···

Im Schatten von Korruption und Vetternwirtschaft

Am Sonntag wählt Rumänien ein neues Parlament. Nur noch eine kleine Stammwählerschaft hält ihre Parteien und ihre Versprechungen für vertrauenswürdig – der große Rest sind Nichtwähler. Für die größte Überraschung könnte wohl eine Newcomer-Partei aus jungen Leuten sorgen. Doch denen fehlt die politische Erfahrung.

Roumanie: élection du Parlement, les sociaux-démocrates favoris

Les Roumains ont commencé à voter dimanche lors d’élections législatives qui selon les sondages pourraient marquer le retour au pouvoir des sociaux-démocrates, après un an de purgatoire à la suite du dramatique incendie d’une boîte de nuit de Bucarest. Accusé de corruption après cet incendie qui a fait 64 morts en raison de normes de ···

La corruption, enjeu des législatives roumaines

VIDÉO – Les élections législatives en Roumanie, ce dimanche, pourraient permettre aux électeurs d’évincer les candidats les plus corrompus. Malheureusement, les principaux partis semblent gangrenés par ce mal. Un vote pour chasser la corruption. Les élections législatives en Roumanie, ce dimanche 11 décembre, offrent l’occasion aux Roumains d’élever un rempart contre la corruption qui gangrène ···