Romania probes hundreds of books written by prisoners

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania’s crackdown on corruption and fraud in recent years has created a sudden and unexpected literary boom, as prisoners publish hundreds of non-fiction books on subjects as varied as soccer, real estate, God and gemstones. It’s quite a feat for inmates with no access to books or the Internet, often without ···

Good governance in Romania includes civil society

Romania needs to pay closer attention to civil society groups and citizens who can provide expertise in the fight against corruption, experts told SETimes following the release of the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators for 2013, which assesses the governing quality of 200 countries. The 2013 data, which is the most recent available, shows that ···

Romania confronts communist past in trial of prison camp chief

The hearing only lasted an hour. The defendant was a frail old man in a hat. The atmosphere was subdued, the legal procedure perfunctory. But in a packed courtroom in Bucharest, Romania finally took steps on Wednesday to come to terms with the brutality of its communist past. Twenty-five years after the collapse of the ···

Experts: New law may hinder anti-corruption efforts in Romania

Members of civil society in Romania are cautioning against recently passed amendments to a public administration law that they say will make it harder to enforce the country’s corruption laws. The amendments allow mayors and county council heads to expand the group of subordinates to whom they can delegate official responsibilities, including signing contracts. Elected ···

Clashes in Ukraine Worry Neighbouring Romania

As fresh fighting broke out in Kiev on Thursday, and as the death toll rose, Romania’s President expressed concern and called for a peaceful solution to the crisis in neighboring Ukraine. “I am not supporting economic sanctions against Ukraine, but severe sanctions are needed against those responsible for the excessive use of force in Kiev,” ···

L’Europe, “ceinture de sécurité” pour l’Etat de droit en Roumanie et Bulgarie

Une justice qui n’hésite plus à condamner des responsables politiques, des magistrats à l’indépendance renforcée: en Roumanie et Bulgarie, l’action de l’Union européenne pour l’Etat de droit a eu un effet positif mais la route reste longue, selon des experts. Bruxelles doit publier mercredi un rapport sur l’Etat de droit dans ces deux pays. D’après ···

Changes in Romania’s criminal law alarm civil society

The European Commission and Romania’s civil society are critical of a series of amendments to the Criminal Law that decriminalise political corruption and free high-ranking officials from possible corruption charges. On December 10th, Romanian lawmakers secretly passed a series of amendments that take lawmakers, the president of the country and the liberal professions, such as ···

Romania split over Europe’s biggest gold mine

Rosia Montana, Romania – Andrei Gruber lights a cigarette and points through his kitchen window to where a Canadian mining firm wants to set up Europe’s biggest open cast gold mine and change the face of this sleepy Romanian town forever. The 28-year-old knows mining well. Gruber’s ancestors came to Rosia Montana hundreds of years ago to ···

In Trial, Romania Warily Revisits a Brutal Past

BUCHAREST, Romania — Remembered as a brutal sadist by inmates who managed to survive the prisons he once ran, Alexandru Visinescu bubbles with violent fury. “Get away from my door, or do you want me to get a stick and beat you?” the 88-year-old former prison commander screamed recently when a reporter called at his ···

Romania, presidente Basescu lancia procedura per referendum

Proposta prevede Parlamento monocamerale e taglio deputati 12 giugno, 11:03 (ANSA) – BUCAREST – Il presidente romeno Traian Basescu ha annunciato di aver iniziato le procedure per l’organizzazione di un referendum di revisione costituzionale. Secondo l’intenzione di Basescu, i cittadini dovrebbero potersi esprimere su due temi principali, ossia la possibilità di abbandonare il bicameralismo per ···