The secret Ordinance for the "security of supply" blasts the energy market

How the Government sticks the finger in the socket

In a renewed effort to keep inefficient power plants going, the government issued an Ordinance which simply blows up the whole energy market. Shrewdly disguised as a matter of “security of electricity supply” (a “strategic” objective, of course), the Ordinance does nothing to help system security, but allows bankrupt power plants to survive together with ···

The Romanian case

Conflicts of interests and incompatibilities in South-Eastern Europe. The Romanian case

UPDATE: EFOR organized a debate about conflicts of interests and incompatibilities, legal issues and practical difficulties and instruments for increasing the degree of public integrity in together with Horia Georgescu, President, National Integrity Agency, Andrei Chiliman, Mayor of the First District, Bucharest, Dan Darabont, Vicemayor of Bucharest, Cornel Călinescu, Director, Ministry of Justice, representatives of ···

Parliament Palace, March 15, 14.00-16.00, public debate EFOR

ENERGY: Liberalization with a human touch, or how should the government avoid being electrocuted, Bulgarian style

It’s time to learn from others’ mistakes: sooner or later, energy reform should be done and completed. Sooner and cogently is preferable to later on with oversized costs. See how is to be done in the report attached here (Romanian only): Pol-Brief-20 Given that energy is a sensitive subject, price increases can overthrow a government. ···

Conference, Tuesday February 19, 10:00, Hilton, Regina Maria hall

The map of Romanian clientelism: transfers to counties and municipalities, 2004-2011

(Trailer for conference) Download EFOR’s Annual Report 2013 here.  Neither the amendment of the Constitution, nor the regionalization, nor any further amendment of the electoral system will change the way how the Romanian state works. Its problems lay elsewhere and must be tackled by their cause, not with palliatives that are time and energy consuming. ···