The Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party, Propaganda and the Backlash against Beijing’s Influence in Europe in 2021

Falling into History

Beijing celebrates next month 100 years of Chinese-style communism. The triumphalism and intensity of propaganda are unprecedented, but the problem is that China’s international prestige has diminished seriously, especially in Europe. EFOR’s report summarizes the situation and advances a few priorities for redefining the relation between the New Member States and the People’s Republic of ···

Risk Measurement in Vulnerable Economic Sectors in Europe

SCEMAPS: State Capture Deconstructed

The current policy environment is particularly favourably disposed towards strengthening the European Union’s response to state capture vulnerabilities. In 2020 the EU introduced a range of new initiatives, including the European Rule of Law Mechanism, the European Democracy Action Plan, and a ew Security Strategy with a strong focus on anti-corruption. The report complements previous ···

Policy report

SCEMAPS: Assessing State Capture Vulnerabilities at the Sectoral Level

This report outlines the findings from the pilot implementation of two integrated innovative monitoring methodologies: an index-based expert assessment of state capture pressure and vulnerabilities on sectoral level and an analysis of risks for corruption-related behaviour in public procurement through original “red-flags” indicators, based on linked “big data”. The pilot covers three economic sectors – ···