A summary in 17 points of changes that happened in recent years in education - research and how minister Andronescu could overturn reforms

Counter-Reformation in Education and Research?

Today is the first day of school, after the holiday (already the longest in Europe) had been extended by one week for populist reasons. The “professional high school degree” is another spurious invention, whose sole purpose is to perpetuate the old dysfunctions under a new package. These are two examples highlighting the risks that the government would be inclined ···

One of the principles that should be seriously discussed after the local elections is the elimination of the discretionary territorial funds allocation

Distortions in the funds allocation for municipalities

All the governments so far have sinned by politically exploiting the territorial funds allocation mechanisms, by favoring the local administration of the same colors – some of them did it in a more visible measure than others. For the first time, EFOR quantifies the problem and initiates a discussion over the methods of stopping this practice.

How much were bonuses reduced during the crysis

The Government finally eliminated the feudal-like bonuses in the administration, but for how long?

The public sector in Romania can simply not function in the New Public Management paradigm – as the Bian corruption scandal indicated just a couple of weeks ago.  The elimination of the bonuses (“stimulente”) in the public system allowed not only the waste of public resources, some 200 million EUR per year – but the ···

Where ideology ends and poor governance begins, when it comes to social assistance

Did the wealthfare state died or just caught a cold?

The vote on the Social Assistance Law this week is just the right opportunity to discuss options for sustainable policy on social assistance, as opposed to sheer populism. The poor administration of social assistance schemes in many European countries nearly drove the welfare straight into bankruptcy these years, pulling along the rest of the economy; ···