How much were bonuses reduced during the crysis

The Government finally eliminated the feudal-like bonuses in the administration, but for how long?

The public sector in Romania can simply not function in the New Public Management paradigm – as the Bian corruption scandal indicated just a couple of weeks ago.  The elimination of the bonuses (“stimulente”) in the public system allowed not only the waste of public resources, some 200 million EUR per year – but the ···

Where ideology ends and poor governance begins, when it comes to social assistance

Did the wealthfare state died or just caught a cold?

The vote on the Social Assistance Law this week is just the right opportunity to discuss options for sustainable policy on social assistance, as opposed to sheer populism. The poor administration of social assistance schemes in many European countries nearly drove the welfare straight into bankruptcy these years, pulling along the rest of the economy; ···

Brief analysis on the recent legislative initiatives on electrical energy and gases

Our failure to follow the commitments on energy in Romania

After six months of hilarious legislative initiatives destined to transpose the Third EU Energy Package that frightened the European Commission through lack of professionalism when they were sent in spring, the newly published proposals (in September) do not look better. We have analysed them in the current brief. They are produced in a contrary spirit to the ···

Case study on four decaying cities

The dawn of the socialist industry and the Romanian small towns

What is the future of hundreds of communities, small towns, artificially overdeveloped under communism? Can they survive, or must they disappear? Can they adapt in a competitive environment, or are they simply unsustainable and the state must think of some sort of “smart shrinking”, to help the locals cope with industry restructuring in a decent ···