Combating Clientelism in Local Investments and Financial Transfers (CC-LIFT)

CC-LIFT contributes to the development of watchdog mechanisms in Romania, Moldova and Georgia regarding the clientelistic allocation of funds towards the local communities. The project aims to improve the effectiveness, transparency and accountability of governance by enabling local civil society organizations to oversee the budgetary development procedures and participate in debates on resource allocations by facilitating the policy dialogue between the authorities and CSOs.

EFOR will export the good practices that have already worked in Romania regarding the clientelistic allocation of development funds for local communities. EFOR has already produced an index and a map of clientelism that shows the extent of clientelistic allocations in the past 13 years. EFOR will support partner NGOs in Moldova and Romania to develop similar research and monitoring instruments, as well as civic groups in 15 localities to monitor the local and the national budgets in order to identify clientelism. In the same time, we aim to organize advocacy campaigns at grassroots and central level in order to change the mechanisms of clientelistic allocation. We will use different types of instruments: infographics, videographics, reports, press releases, meetings with the press, on-line platforms etc in order to explain the budgetary allocations and to get people involved.

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Map of clientelism in Romania

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