Conference: Eastern Europe and the Republic of China (Taiwan)

June 23 rd 2021, 11:00 CET (17:00 in Taipei; 12:00 in Bucharest)

The potential for cooperation between the Eastern Europe/Black Sea countries and the Republic of China (Taiwan) is underexploited and the country’s visibility in our region is low. This is unfortunate because we share important values, like democratic pluralism and the freedom of speech. There are also many areas of mutual interest: investments (technology, finance), trade, cybersecurity, academic exchanges, bio-medical research or Covid management. In all these domains Taiwan could become a source of (democratic) best practice.

Online debate on Webex, fully in English. Please register here for attendance

Moderator:  Alina Inayeh-Achim, director of the Black Sea Trust / GMF project

The prospects of EU-Taiwan relations in 2021 and beyond

  • Nicola Beer, vicepresident of the European Parliament (renew Group, Germany)
  • Ming-Yen Tsai, Representative of Taipei in the EU and Belgium, Brussels
  • Cătălin Teniţă, member of the House of Deputies (Romania), IT entrepreneur

Economy, investments, business opportunities

  • Cristian Bordei, Senator (Romania), the Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • Roy Chung Lee, Deputy Director, The Taiwan WTO/ RTA Center
  • Marc Cheng, Executive Director, EU Centre in Taiwan (EUTW)
  • Constantin Damov, President of Association for Economic and Cultural Exchange with Taiwan-ROTA, CEO of Green-Group

Technology, cybersecurity, the fight against propaganda & disinformation

  • Dragoş Tudorache, member of the European Parliament (Renew Group), Chair of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age
  • I-Chung Lai, President, Prospect Foundation
  • Min Hsuan Wu, Co-founder and CEO Doublethink Lab

Academic cooperation, culture, democratic values

  • Ketty Chen, Vice-President of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy
  • Radu Ungureanu, professor, National School of Government (SNSPA), Bucharest
  • Raymond Chen-En Sung, Deputy CEO, Taiwan New Constitution Foundation; Board Member,  Taiwan Democracy Watch
  • Zsuzsa Anna Ferenczy, Taiwan NextGen Foundation, Taipei

Closing remarks

  • Sorin Ioniţă, president, Expert Forum (EFOR), Romania

The full conference here

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