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The confiscation of the goods originating from malfeasances

The assets of the law-breakers

There is a public skepticism regarding the efficiency of the conviction, as long as the great fortunes built on malfeasances seemed untouchable. But the situation started to change and the confiscation became more efficiently, even if there are still many thing to be done.

Pol-Brief-32 was published during a debate concerning the extended confiscations, the main institutions were present: ANAF (Mrs. Dragan), Ministry of Justice (Ms. Calinescu), The Constitutional Court (Ms. Morar), DNA (Ms. Bulancea), ICCJ (Mrs. Alexabndrescu). Even TVR was present, if you look closely you can even notice their microphone in front of Morar! Amongst them were representatives from the UK Embassy (Ms. Sambrok) and us, EFOR (LauraStefan). Guests from the civil society and press were also present.

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