Debate: Is e-voting a solution for Romania?

Friday, 13.03.2015, 2.30 PM

American Corner Bucharest, National Library of Romania

22 Unirii Blvd., District 3, 1st floor, E wing, Room 01-03.


Following the 2014 presidential elections, the need to implement a remote voting system became even more obvious. The preferences of the political parties are different: some opted for vote by mail, while others considered on-line vote as a symbol of modernization and a way to ensure a simpler and cheaper vote casting process.

The Embassy of the United States of America and Expert Forum invite you to a discussion regarding the perspectives of on-line voting in Romania. The speakers are Septimius Pârvu (Expert Forum) and Chloe Jasper (U.S. Embassy Bucharest).

The U.S. Embassy will provide a perspective from the U.S., where voting procedures vary greatly between states. Around 40% of voters in the 2012 election used e-voting, but the future of e-voting in the U.S. still remains up for debate.

Expert Forum observed the electronic voting process in Estonia, the only country in the world that uses this type of system for all elections and would like to invite you to join an open discussion about the views of state authorities, civil society and foreign experts on this topic. We will also discuss about experiences that did not achieve the same level of visibility and did not prove to be of equal success: Latvia, Lithuania or Finland.

We aim to discuss without populism whether the electronic vote is suitable for Romania; and if it is, what would the design be.


Septimius Pârvu, Expert Forum

[email protected] or 0737.748.667.

Chloe Jasper, U.S. Embassy Bucharest

[email protected]



This event is organized with the support of the US Embassy in Bucharest. Project financed by the EEA grants 2009 – 2014, through the NGO Fund in Romania.


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