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Report and debate: The impact of the new regulations on political advertising at EU level

The Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the transparency and targeting of political advertising will enter into force from 2024. The regulation represents a set of regulations aimed at increasing accountability at European level for actors involved in electoral and political processes. It defines political advertising in a context where the legal framework of EU member states regarding this topic is very diverse or most EU countries do not have specific regulations in non-electoral periods and imposes new reporting requirements for entities commissioning political advertising as well as for publishers. All these new regulations certainly bring benefits for the integrity of political and electoral processes, but there are also critics that contested the manner in which the regulation was formulated, including from the point of view of sensitive issue such as freedom of speech.

The proposed regulation is currently in the trilogue stage of discussions between the EU institutions, with key elements still under discussion, such as the data to be used for targeting or the definition of political advertising. In this context, Expert Forum will organise a debate regarding the main changes the regulation will bring and how the political advertising market and its transparency will be affected. At the same time, the debate will touch upon the links between the Regulation and the Digital Services Act and its implementation. Furthermore, the debate is relevant in view of the fact that the Romanian Parliament is also currently debating the regulation of political advertising in Romania by amending Law 334/2006.

The debate will take place in Bucharest on 28 September, starting at 10, at the Representative Office of the European Commission in Bucharest. Details and registration at

The agenda is available here.

Please register here.

The agenda will include various interventions from relevant Romanian and EU institutions, experts in the field, political parties as well as other stakeholders (such as representatives of media companies or VLOP/VLOSE) who might be affected by the entry into force of these rules.

Expert Forum, with the support of the ElectionWatch.EU is also drafting a research paper regarding the proposal of regulation and will present its main conclusions during the debate.



The report can be consulted here. (Romanian only)

Contact: Septimius Pârvu, [email protected]​, 0787.638.315




Contact: Septimius Pârvu, [email protected], 0787.638.315

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