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A personal experience

Democracy from the Fjords: civic participation and transparency in Norway. A personal experience

How many years does a country need to become inclusive, participative and open to its citizens? The answers may be difficult and very different from one case to another. Romania is still struggling to make its participative mechanisms functional, to open data or to develop a culture of active civic involvement. Recent years have shown that people can protest when their green space is at risk or if politicians abuse power and civic rights. Still, is it enough? Can we do more?

We searched for some answers of our own, in a study tour in Norway, a country that the public opinion sees as one of the most developed in the world. Norway rates good, together with other Nordic countries, in several rankings regarding corruption, public integrity of the level of living. It is ranked as the best democracy in the world by the Democracy Index Ranking. The World Bank rates the country highly regarding the control of corruption and rule of law. What makes Norway a good example and what can we learn from the Nordic experience?

Read our answers in policy brief 47.


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