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Development of the civil society involvement in drafting implementing and assessing anticorruption policies

The scope of the project is to enhance efficiency of the cooperation between civil society and anticorruption agencies and is based on a partnership between six civil society organizations in Romania, one Bulgaria think tank and one University from the Netherlands.

The most important activities are:

  •  two workshops with participants from NGOs and AGD aimed at studying the European and Romanian legal framework on involving NGOs in anticorruption policies, the main endeavors and obtained results, identified problems;
  •  two study visits in Bulgaria and Netherlands in order to study the best practices on cooperating with civil society in anticorruption policies;
  • drafting a report on the present situation of the collaboration between civil society and the public sector;
  • three workshops with participants from AGD and NGOs in order to draft a best practice manual on the involvment NGOs in anticorruption policies, drafting and distributing it to stakeholders
  •  a 3 day workshop for drafting a common action plan based on the best practice manual, followed by the completion and approval of the plan
  • an international conference.

The project will help both civil society and the public institutions understand better the issues that occur in their collaboration and identifying solutions to these issues. Also, the initiative will better setup a common working agenda, by developing a strategy for collaboration. The two manuals are tools that serve both sides identify sources for future collaborations.

The project Development of the civil society involvement in drafting implementing and assessing anticorruption policies is financially supported by Prevention of and Fight against Crime (ISEC) – European Commission


Workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria, July 2013

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