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Annual report

EFOR 2024 Annual Report

2024 is the year we redefine the European Union and the Romania we want to live in. Elections across the EU, together with our ability to hold politicians to account, will significantly influence the policies and institutions that will shape the continent’s development up to 2035 and beyond to 2050. We face many challenges, including climate change, demographic decline, migration, the global race for technological dominance, geopolitical tensions leading to global conflict, and a growing awareness of hostility from other superpowers to our liberal democratic values. To overcome these uncertainties and succeed, the whole European project must transform.

Three decades ago, Romania had the good fortune to come under the gravitational pull of the European Union, which led to a more prosperous, peaceful and free life for Romanians than any previous generation had experienced. Now, we are faced with the question: will future generations be able to say the same about us? The answer depends on the decisions we make today.

This report is intended to trigger a serious discussion about the changes and challenges facing Romania in the next decade, including the urgent risks that require immediate action. It sets out difficult policy dilemmas, recognising that while no one can predict the future, some trends are clear. Economic convergence with the EU can no longer be taken for granted.

In this report, we identify and analyse the foreseeable risks and obstacles to Romania’s continued convergence and increased role in the EU. It is incumbent on political leaders and parties during the extended election campaign in 2024 to propose solutions to the problems we raise and explain how they intend to overcome the challenges.

Support us: We have to make government more transparent and rational, by showing that we understand what they do and react when they are wrong. Get involved, contribute and support this effort.