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Launch of the EFOR annual report – April 22: Risks for Romania in the next 10 years


Monday, Apr 22nd at 10:00

Athénée Palace (Inter-Continental, str Episcopiei), room Regina Maria

The debate within the EU regarding the future, specifically post-2035, centers on the long-term effects of various trends such as demographic shifts, the climate crisis, transitioning to new energy sources, technological advancements, and geopolitical issues. These range from further political integration in Europe to the potential for widespread war on the continent. These factors are driving a reassessment of the European economic model and governance structures by 2050, with 2035 serving as a pivotal milestone.

Amid these changes, Romania appears somewhat detached from these crucial policy discussions. The decisions made by the EU in response to these challenges will impact us significantly; in addition, Romania will face unique risks, including the end of economic convergence, a looming public pension crisis, and deteriorating governance quality.

In our report and conference, we will briefly outline these significant trends, as well as the societal and policy responses expected at the European level. Our primary focus, however, will be on the specific challenges and risks within the Romanian context. The political actors should be able to discuss these challenges openly during the long electoral year 2024 and come up with policy solutions.

The event is organized by ExpertForum (EFOR) with the support of the Romanian-American Foundation (RAF).

The discussions will be in English; simultaneous interpretation into Romanian will be provided.





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