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EFOR annual report: the political errors of 2014; what is to be done

Even though in 2012 we experienced an attempt of result manipulation by decimating the electoral lists, in 2014 the target changed. The 16% of voters living abroad were discouraged to vote through administrative barriers. Moreover, we also experienced a new Constitutional assault: the temporary suspension of the law, through a governmental emergency ordinance, aiming to facilitate the political migration of mayors just before the elections. Following the constitutional invalidation of the ordinance, a proper Gordian Knot surged calling for a sword slice: the migrating officials must lose their mandates. However, the Parliament is not rushing into fixing the issue, let alone merely count the migrators. You may have noticed that no single party has offered to the public a clear-cut inventory of the phenomenon. This is where EFOR comes in, launching the complete Map of Political Migration, an on-line product.

The Parliament does not appear too eager to fix the faulty electoral system and to allow for an opening of the political competition, but rather it buries the issues in the Parliamentary commissions. During this whole time, the actual governmental priorities have come second. For instance, we will soon learn how many billion Euros from the EU we will lose through idleness in the 2007-2013 cycle; we will also continue to slacken the energy sector reform, taking advantage of the fact the fossil fuels prices have gone down in order to hide the inefficiency and inequalities in the system. Join us to debate all this in detail!



Wednesday, January 28th, 11.00 hrs, Intercontinental Hotel, Bucharest, Ronda theatre

EFOR annual rapport:

The political errors of 2014; what is to be done


  • The government’s attempt to legalize the political migration is unconstitutional; the Parliament cannot save the locally elected officials, but it can stall the process
  • We launch the Map of Political Migration in Romania, an on-line product
  • The November presidential elections have shown that the electoral system needs to be reformed
  • How many billions of Euros will Romania lose by idleness at the end of 2015
  • The reform in the energy sector: safe, but small steps


We are looking forward to meeting and greeting you at 10.45, with hot tea and coffee, and to start the debate at 11.00. For further details and information, please email us on [email protected] or call 0737 748 667.


Project financed by the EEA grants 2009–2014, through the NGO Fund in Romania. The contents of this material does not necessarily represent the official stand of SEE grants 2009 – 2014.

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