EFOR in 2020

In 2020 we worked hard, and it seems that the pandemic provided us with a lot of topics. We published 27 reports, more than a quarter of the total number of reports published by EFOR so far. We observed local and parliamentary elections, held several public debates on organizing elections during the pandemic, launched the first database that centralizes information on political funding, monitored the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions, and launched the first data report on this subject. The rule of law has remained a key topic and we have organized several debates, together with partners from civil society and public institutions, as well as European officials. We also continued the projects related to civic education, through public speech contests, election simulations or trainings for teachers from Romania and Moldova. EFOR also developed a toolkit on pandemic misinformation and we continued to analyze Russia’s influence in this context. Even if we could not leave the house or office too much, we continued the series of debates about urban development and infrastructure, again drawing attention to the urgent need for intervention in the district heating network in Bucharest.

And this is not it :

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