EFOR releases the 2023 annual report

EFOR is organizing its major event for the current year: the launch of the annual report. The topic of the event: what the EU should learn after a year of war in Ukraine about how the Union can be more resilient – first of all through substantial changes in the energy sector, but also through ···

Subsidies of Romanian political parties in 2022

EFOR analyzed the expenses made by political parties from subsidies in 2022. Six parties received 256 million lei, of which they spent 184 million. PSD received 98 million lei, and PNL 83 million. USR received 45 million lei, and AUR almost 20 million lei. PMP and Pro Romania, which obtained over 4% of the votes, but did ···

Database: Candidates for the elections in Romania, 2004-2020

EFOR released the only database with all the candidates for the Romanian elections. The database is part of the BaniPartide platform and includes candidates from 2004 to 2020 who participated in local, parliamentary, presidential and European parliamentary elections. By-elections are not included. The platform is developed for journalists, investigators or any other person interested in data related to ···

Strong community of investigators against organized crime and corruption

About the project   The project seeks to enhance and develop the community of investigators in Romania to decrease the expansion of organized crime, corruption and financial crime groups and has the following objectives: to provide support to law enforcement, investigative media and civil society through skill-sharing sessions to develop support tools in order to diminish ···

Keep calm and call out Putin’s bluff on gas

Despite the generalized panic, the EU has a very strong hand against Russia when it comes to gas. In reality Russia cannot play the game of selective cuts for long: it simply cannot stop production without unbearable costs and without seriously damaging production capacity in the long run, it cannot consume more, store more and ···

Report and video: Financing political parties in 2021

EFOR has released its annual report on the financing of political parties in 2021, which analyzes the funds received and spent by parties, the activity of the Permanent Electoral Authority (PEA), access to information and includes recommendations for the improvement of identified issues. Read Policy brief no.140 . Data also available on  www.banipartide.ro . Watch the recording of ···