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The electoral legislation must be radically reformed

The Electoral Code reform can wait no longer

Law-BookcThe 2014 elections proved how the possible penal political decisions, the lack of reaction form BEC and the neglect of the decisions by MAE can be a barrier in the organization of the elections. Bold measures must be taken in order to reform radically the actual organization of the elections in Romania.

The EFOR priorities are:

  • To public elaborate and debate an Electoral Code capable of unify the organizing procedures of the elections; patching up the legislation must stop.
  • The government must bring about the informatics system of on-line control of the votes, in this way blocking the possibility of the multiple vote;
  • Politicians must add to the public agenda, detailed and without populism, the discussion over the implementation of the postal vote and of the electronic vote;

Our report can be read here.

More about the proposed chances in the latest film by EFOR:

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