For the first time in history, people die under the EU flag

The EU spends millions of Euro to make its institutions and symbols better known, recognizable – and, maybe, just maybe, a little loved, please? From information programs to organized tours, from websites to visual propaganda, no (awkward) effort was spared to instill into the European citizenry a sense of belonging and create a modicum of emotional attachment to this marvellous political entity which has brought prosperity and peace to the continent. And still, until now, for the general public the EU has remained largely the butt of jokes: just mention Brussels and people, rightfully or not, start rolling their eyes at the thought of arcane bureaucracies and impenetrable jargon.


But now, for the first time in history, in a corner of Europe large crowds of, yes, ordinary people spontaneously put their lives on the line – literally – for freedom and the EU, under the blue flag with golden stars. To them, in these moments, this flag is not the symbol of the obscure banana-shape regulator; it is the symbol of freedom, which too many of the pampered citizens of the continent, including their rulers, have come to take for granted. Dozens have died already on Kiev’s barricades under the banner; these are not only Western Ukrainians, but Easterners and Southerners too. How do you feel about it, dear leaders?

Nobody says the situation in Ukraine is simple or an easy way out of the current quagmire is around the corner. Nobody is asking Brussels to form battalions of volunteers and intervene to defend its unexpected new converts. But you, dear EU leaders, can at least try for a moment to shed the air of embarrassment that someone has really fallen in love with you and the values you are supposed to stand for. Take a break from writing communiques and non-papers, bow in respect and mark the day in your thick agendas: from this day on, the EU flag is legitimized by blood and valor. From this day on, it lives.

25 thoughts on “For the first time in history, people die under the EU flag

  1. And then they will die in line before closed hospitals and unemployment offices as Romanians do after their great EU accession. Thanks Europe for the austerity measures. In particular to Angela Merkel….

    • well EU is not just workplaces and money money money… values are more important than any amount of cash, it’s the values that brought more prosperity/stability/security and so on than countries had before joining EU (eu is reacher than rest of the world, specialy russia) you may understand when you go and see other countries out of EU.

  2. And where is EU in all this ???? Watching the TV having a bud , relaxin’ and chiaxin’. We should be 1 NATION and stop with all this stupidity.

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    • It was a misunderstanding from what I understand, as a Brit, over the /grade/ of banana.

      “It isn’t a grade A banana unless it’s between these lengths and no more curved than this.”
      In the same way as you get grading for other fruit, vegetables, eggs, and meat.

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