Expert Forum released an interactive map the candidates for the 2020 local elections

Expert Forum has released an online platform containing all the candidates for the 2020 local elections, including the data published by the Central Electoral Bureau. The platform allows to search candidates by name, constituencies, political parties or other relevant criteria.

The database is available on

The database centralizes a number of 256.042 candidatures for the positions of mayor, local councilor, county councilor, county council president, mayor or general councilor. The platform allows the interactive display of data and a text version.

The platform includes a section dedicated to statistics which reflect, among other things, the following conclusions:

  • In 75 localities there is only one candidate for the position of mayor, in 400 there are two candidates, in 717 three candidates, and in 718 there are four candidates
  • The biggest numbers of candidates are registered in the following counties IAȘI-9373, SUCEAVA-9190, TIMIȘ-9009, ARGEȘ-8578, DOLJ-8531;
  • In total, there are 1713 independent candidates;
  • The biggest numbers of independent candidates are in the following counties: BRAȘOV -83, CONSTANŢA -66, MUREŞ 66, SUCEAVA – 65, HARGHITA – 63, BIHOR – 62, COVASNA – 62, ARGEŞ -61;
  • Most independent candidates focused on positions within local councils (1103) and municipalities (584). Only one independent candidate has applied for a position in the general council and other four are competing for the district municipalities;
  • Outside of Bucharest, the most candidates for the position of mayor are in Constanța (17), Timișoara (15), Suceava, Cluj Napoca și Iași (14), Târgu Mureș, Deva, Brasov, Botosani și Pitești (13);
  • The most common names of candidates are: Ioan Pop (77), Gheorghe Popa (74), Vasile Pop (68), Constantin Popa (59), Ioan Popa (57), Ion Radu (54), Gheorghe Popescu (52), Constantin Popescu, Gheorghe Pop și Ion Popa (50).

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