About Us

Expert Forum (EFOR) is a Bucharest based think tank, set up by four well-known experts in public policy and public governance reform.  The main sectors covered by the organization are: administration reform and public sector integrity; decentralization, regional development, public finance; justice and anticorruption reform; social policy and pensions; energy and transport; healthcare: active citizenship and elections.

Expert Forum members have been involved in the most important evaluations of institutional reforms in the public administration and have analyzed the policy process in recent years in Romania and neighboring countries (particularly in the Western Balkans and Moldova), in collaboration with the European Commission, Council of Europe, World Bank and United Nations Development Programme. The think tank has obtained support from a series of international donors to promote transparency and good governance in Romania and the region, as well as to monitor the proper, transparent use of public budgets.

Since its beginnings EFOR has set as an important goal for itself to forge partnerships with the business community in order to fight together for a cleaner and more responsible government, transparency in public budgets and a more open and predictable policy process. We do this by monitoring various public sectors and organizing public debates together with various business associations. The organization works with private businesses or business associations for policy analysis in taxation and public budgets, public healthcare, pensions, energy policy and taxation etc.

Expert Forum is also part of the Open Government Partnership (http://www.opengovpartnership.org/) initiative to assist governments for enhanced transparency on information and public decisions.  EFOR experts are frequently asked by the Government to participate in working groups for strategies and legal drafts.  At EU level, the president of EFOR Sorin Ioniță was member of the European Economic and Social Committee, whereas Laura Ștefan, anti-corruption expert, is member of the 17 experts commission that monitors EU member states on anti-corruption policies and transparency.

EFOR experts appear in the media at least twice a week on issues of public policy.

Statement of non-partisanship and independence

EFOR is a projects-based organization which receives grants from Romania’s Western partners (mainly the EU), pro-democracy foundations from Western Europe and the USA, donations from private sources (Romanian citizens and businesses) and the 2% mechanism administered by the Romanian fiscal authorities. The EFOR board and staff are not involved politically. We are completely independent in respect to all our actions, publications or public statements, and do not accept any form of support that may be conditional upon reviewing or editing our materials before they become public.