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EFOR annual report: political errors of 2014; what is to be done

If for the referendum of 2012 attempts to manipulate the electoral results through the decimation of the electorate have been made, for the 2014 elections the target was the approximate 16% of the voters living abroad, who have been discouraged to vote through administrative bullying. In addition, we had another innovation, a direct attack of the Constitution: the temporal suspension of the law through Government Emergency Ordinance, in order to facilitate the political migration of the mayors just before the start of the presidential campaign. After this measure was invalidated, the resulting situation appeared to be a Gordian knot that only a sword could undo: the migrators will lose their mandates. But the Parliament is not in a hurry solve the problem or even to count the migrators: maybe you noticed, none of the political parties offered a clear evidence of this phenomenon; EFOR is doing it now, by launching THE COMPLETE MAP OF THE POLITICAL MIGRATION, an online product.

The Parliament does not seem willing to fix the flaws of the electoral system, to produce a unitary Electoral Code or to lower the barriers to the electoral competition, instead has decided to bury the issues in the committees. Meanwhile, the real priorities of the government were cast in the background. For example, this year we will find how many billions of euro we lost from EU due to disuse in the cycle 2007-2013; we are still kicking the can down the road when it comes to energy sector reform, taking advantage of the recent decline in price for fossil fuels in order to hide the inefficiency and inequity of the system.

Join us to discuss all of these topics in detail.




EFOR’s annual report – political errors of 2014; what is to be done

  • The governmental scheme to formalize the political migration is unconstitutional; The parliament cannot save the elected officials but it can buy them more time;
  • We launch the complete Map of political migration in Romania, as an online product;
  • The November elections showed that the electoral system needs to be reformed; The Election Code can wait no more;
  • How many billions lost due to disuse at the end of 2015 in Romania;
  • The stagnation of reform in the energetic sector



Special guest: Cătălin Drulă- citizen, activist and expert in transportation projects

Speakers(Expert Forum): Sorin Ionita (President, expert on budget and administrative reform), Laura Stefan (anticorruption expert), Otilia Nutu (energy expert), Septimius Parvu (electoral expert)


Further details and confirmations to [email protected] and 0737.748.667

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