The migration of local elected officials according to GEO 55/2014

The main winner of the political migration was the Social Democrat Party (PSD): a massive benefit, PSD gathering 79% of mayors who migrated i.e. 436 of them. Local councillors have generally followed the same trend of re-affiliation as mayors. Tariceanu’s non-party is set-up de facto in local administration and gets from zero to 34 mayors; UNPR jumps from 28 to 45 mayors. Finally, we have now 100 independent mayors in Romania, a comfortable waiting position, a double number than the one resulted in the 2012 elections.

Total Migrators % of total
Mayors 3.180 552 17.4%
Local councillors 40.022 4.607 13.8%
County councillors 1.338 184 11.5%

Political migration was not uniformly distributed in the territory: there are counties where more than half of the local officials migrated and counties where there was no migration at all. The top counties are the ones where 37 mayors migrated (Neamt); or 36, but representing 73% of the county mayors (Giurgiu); and other counties with more than 25 migrating mayors (Buzau, Dolj, Dambovita, Iasi).

Migration was generally headed towards PSD, but we can also find some non-PSD county clusters, such as those of Tariceanu’s party who won 7 mayors in Prahova and every 5 and each in Satu Mare, Maramures and Bistrita Nasaud. There is also an interesting group of seven independent mayors in Caras Severin.


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