Voinea Madalina

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Mădălina is an analyst working with Expert Forum, a Romanian think-tank, since 2021 on issues of combating disinformation and active citizenship. Since joining EFOR, she has worked on projects that aimed to monitor and tackle fake news and disinformation narratives. She worked in the online monitoring of the Hungarian electoral campaign in Transylvania, and in monitoring China’s influence in the Black Sea Region. Her direct input in the digital monitoring has been mainly investigating through social media listening platforms, conducting data analysis and writing reports based on findings. Also, she has been involved with EFOR’s School for Democracy Program since 2021, as a communication officer, and delivering trainings on public speaking and fake news debunking in the “Let’s talk about YOU(th)!” program, dedicated to empowering young people in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and making their voices heard.


  In recent years, Romania has made it its national mission to increase its consumption of natural gas in the medium and long term. Not even the multiple crises we are facing seem to be a wake-up call for decision-makers. This is despite the fact that the European Union (EU) has been facing a gas ···

China’s presence in Romania:The hundred flowers that never bloomed

  No large, BRI-type strategic project has materialized so far in Romania, but many con-men with political connections tried to exploit the wave of enthusiasm for “Chinese investments” created after 2012. Today, ten years later, the backlash against Beijing’s economic influence is visible. The few onest business which function are small or medium-sized, operate in ···

China Watch – August 2022

  On April 13th, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China published an official document – Answers of the spokesperson of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Bulgaria to questions related to Sino-European relations and the Ukrainian crisis.[5] The document summarizes in 6 points (presented as questions) the great importance and ···

Stop Schengen visas for Russian citizens

While Ukraine is militarily destroyed by the Russian invasion, Russian citizens can still do tourism and shopping in EU countries – which Russia has declared “unfriendly”. Far from being a radical measure, the suspension of Schengen tourist visas (type C) for Russian citizens is a moral and necessary measure. Here are the data and arguments. ···

China Watch: Online Monitoring – July

We monitored 23 online news websites in Chinese and English over a time period of seven months. We used Pulsar – media monitoring tool to extract data from these sources and we filtered the content according to a list of keywords for each narrative in both languages. We formulated and followed two objectives: Objective 1 ···

Monitoring of 2022 Parliamentary Elections in Hungary

The Hungarian electoral campaign was severely impacted by the war in Ukraine. The start of the political campaign was based on traditional narratives from Fidesz, mainly promoting the historic support they offered since 2010 to Transylvania, Fidesz’s financial support to families, subsidies for schools, and kindergartens. Historic loyalty was the main online discussion in Transylvania ···

China’s growing footprint in the global geopolitical landscape

Thursday, June 23, 6:00 p.m., Cătălin Teniță MP and Expert Forum invite you to an event dedicated to China’s growing footprint in the global geopolitical landscape. The event aims to open a dialogue on a number of important issues about China, such as the human rights situation and China’s relationship with the US and the ···

China Watch – May 2022

China’s narrative of Russia’s war against Ukraine. by Andreea Leonte, Parliamentary advisor and a fellow for China studies at The Romanian Institute for the Study of the Asia-Pacific (RISAP).   On February 4th, China and Russia issued a ‘Joint Statement on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development’ highlighting many ···