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Mădălina is an analyst working with Expert Forum, a Romanian think-tank, since 2021 on issues of combating disinformation and active citizenship. Since joining EFOR, she has worked on projects that aimed to monitor and tackle fake news and disinformation narratives. She worked in the online monitoring of the Hungarian electoral campaign in Transylvania, and in monitoring China’s influence in the Black Sea Region. Her direct input in the digital monitoring has been mainly investigating through social media listening platforms, conducting data analysis and writing reports based on findings. Also, she has been involved with EFOR’s School for Democracy Program since 2021, as a communication officer, and delivering trainings on public speaking and fake news debunking in the “Let’s talk about YOU(th)!” program, dedicated to empowering young people in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and making their voices heard.

Launch of the EFOR annual report – April 22: Risks for Romania in the next 10 years

  Monday, Apr 22nd at 10:00 Athénée Palace (Inter-Continental, str Episcopiei), room Regina Maria The debate within the EU regarding the future, specifically post-2035, centers on the long-term effects of various trends such as demographic shifts, the climate crisis, transitioning to new energy sources, technological advancements, and geopolitical issues. These range from further political integration ···

Ana Otilia Nuțu addresses the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly

Euronest Parliamentary Assembly Remarks by Ana Otilia Nuțu Member of the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership FSC Member of the Board of Directors of the Expert Forum Brussels, 20 February 2024 Ana Otilia Nuțu addresses the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly None of us in Europe is safe from the neo-imperialism of Putinist Russia. The Kremlin ···

Republic of Moldova – The same Kremlin Pawns

Top Political Accounts January 2023-May 2023 Based on List Monitoring in Crowdtangle with politicians from the Republic of Moldova Source – Crowdtangle Narrative 1: The European Union accession – A threat to the pro-Russian establishment? The Pro-Russian opposition parties promote standard ex-soviet state Russian propaganda, personalized for the context of the Republic of Moldova. The ···

Addressing the Ukraine Refugee Crisis – Integration and Access to services

Type of Project – Urgent needs April-June 2023 The integration of Ukrainian refugees in Romania is a challenge on many levels. On the one hand, access to services guaranteed by the temporary protection status is limited by the capacity and responsiveness of public institutions. For example, access to a family doctor for Ukrainians with chronic ···

Energy Crisis – Disinformation.Energy Bills. War in Ukraine

In theory, Romania had all the data to get through last year’s energy crisis without painful implications for citizens or the private sector. In March 2022, we already had the government’s commitment to cap prices for a year, along with other capping and compensation measures adopted during the year, while the industry was supported by ···


  In recent years, Romania has made it its national mission to increase its consumption of natural gas in the medium and long term. Not even the multiple crises we are facing seem to be a wake-up call for decision-makers. This is despite the fact that the European Union (EU) has been facing a gas ···

China’s presence in Romania:The hundred flowers that never bloomed

  No large, BRI-type strategic project has materialized so far in Romania, but many con-men with political connections tried to exploit the wave of enthusiasm for “Chinese investments” created after 2012. Today, ten years later, the backlash against Beijing’s economic influence is visible. The few onest business which function are small or medium-sized, operate in ···