Civis romanus sum: vote for MARIO MONTI as prime minister of Romania

He has just said he would resign as premier of Italy, see here. President Basescu has just said the ideal profile of a PM would be someone who had led a government or other important institutions, pro-european and pro-atlanticist. Prof Monti has governed a country at least as complex and infuriating as Romania and was EU commissioner before. If UK has just brought a chap from Canada, their former colony, as head of its central bank, why can’t we have someone from Italy, this recent labor colony of Romania? Markets would be thrilled, ordinary citizens too, and I bet in three months he would speak better Romanian than half of the current political class. The disastruous turnover in today’s elections shows how enthusiastic the voters are about them all.

Mind you, there’s no explicit provision in our Constitution that a minister must be a Romanian citizen. And if it were, fuzzy as our laws are, you could interpret the text as “Roman citizen”, ie civis romanus.

Really, remember 1866, Carol I Hohenzollern, etc. Does it ring a bell, guys?

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