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Report on electronic voting

Paper vs Internet: is electronic voting a solution for Romania?

Countries such as Estonia or France managed to implement internet voting, even though the system was criticized. Other countries, such as the Republic of Moldova are making important steps for introducing this voting method soon. Romania has been avoiding for many years to make a decision that could ease voting in diaspora. In this report, we are presenting the Baltic experience, especially the Estonian one regarding internet voting. Estonia is the only country which applies internet voting for every type of election and has proven until now one of the most successful examples. Nevertheless, Estonia was also criticized regarding security issues or possible frauds.

Thus, we analyse the way the Estonian vote, why it is a successful example and why other countries failed to use technology in expressing electoral options. We included in the report conclusions of meetings with electoral experts, members of electoral commissions or academia, as well as the conclusions of our own observation mission in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

In Romania the discussion is stalling, it lacks arguments and is not open to the public, with no consultations with the citizens. We are talking about fear of electoral fraud, system manipulation possibilities or citizens’ limited technological abilities. But we are not talking about objectives, clear steps, taking political responsibility over a project that has proven controversial in every country in which it was tested.

What are the conditions for Romania to implement electronic voting through internet and what steps should the politicians and authorities make?

Read the report here.

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