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Parliamentary putsch in Romania

This is the fourth letter to Brussels warning on the slippages from the rule of law in Romania, as the USL coalition changed the leadership of the Parliament chambers, the Ombudsman, and impeached the President. You can find here the text of the letter.  The letter was signed by 11 NGOs (EFOR, FH Romania, GDS, CRPE, CeRe, APADOR CH, AZIR, CJI, AMP, CENTRAS, Reaching Out) and over 2000 people, among which D Perjovschi, HR Patapievici, G Liiceanu, V Tismaneanu, M Mihaies, Stere Gulea, DP Aligica, R Culcer, A Oisteanu, A Gosu, D Vighi, M Carneci, R Alexandrescu, A Craiutu, Smaranda Vultur, Sorin Vieru, A Oisteanu, A Pora, Cosmin Alexandru.

Read the letter here.

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