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Partnerships in the public interest

Since its beginnings EFOR has set as an important goal for itself to forge partnerships with the business community in order to fight together for a cleaner and more responsible government, transparency in public budgets and a more open and predictable policy process. We do this by monitoring various public sectors and organizing public debates together with various business associations. EFOR is a member of the Open Government Partnership Mechanism, as a provider-NGO, and this is part of our strategy in Romanian context to raise awareness and support on behalf of the OGP objectives.

In 2011-12 we have published reports and organized high-profile conferences (or will do so in the near future) with public decision makers and the social partners on:

  • Options for increasing the funding of the public health care sector: report and debate (in partnership with LAWG – pharma industry association)
  • Promoting a healthy diet through public policy (in partnership with the food industry association)
  • Trends and scenarios for the public pensions system (in partnership with the insurance industry)
  • Better and cheaper options for e-government in Romania (in partnership with the financial sector)

Support us: We have to make government more transparent and rational, by showing that we understand what they do and react when they are wrong. Get involved, contribute and support this effort.