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The essential principles of postal voting

Postal voting: it must be done, but it matters how

EFOR has constantly advocated for remote voting. But the success of this mechanism depends on the certainty of security and on the prevention of frauds or vote manipulation. EFOR has regrettably noted that the legislative projects published on the website of the Chamber of Deputies contain mistaken or ambiguous dispositions regarding the matter of postal voting which may undermine its credible implementation in the positive situation in which the Parliament will adopt the necessary legal bases. A faulty postal voting law will generate serious lapses in the voting process and will consequently create doubtfulness in public perception on the issue.

The most important principles that must be followed in the legislative projects are:

  • It is crucial that postal voting procedures ensure vote secrecy
  • Voters must be able to track their vote in real-time
  • The entire electoral process must be open to observers and delegates (NGOs, media, independent candidates and political parties)
  • The postal voting option must be accessible to all Romanian voters living abroad. Also, it is crucial that traditional voting polling stations from embassies and consulates remain a real option to all Romanians who do not want to use postal voting or are traveling during the Election Day.
  • Any legislative uncertainties and ambiguities may question the safety of votes.

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