Press conference, November 25th – conclusions on the observation of the 2nd round of the presidential elections

FiecareVot coalition ispleased to invite you to a press conference in order to present the preliminary conclusions after observing the 2nd round of the presidential elections on November 22-24. We will present the first centralized data from the field observers regarding the organization of the electoral process, postal voting, the voting process in Romania and abroad and the counting of the votes, respectively the tabulation process.

The press conference will be held on Monday, November 25, 2 pm at Centrul Ceh, Strada Ion Ghica 11, Bucharest.

Fiecare Vot has accredited more than 750 observers for polling stations in the country and abroad. The coalition will also provide electoral assistance to voters through and Telverde 0800 080 200 (for Romania) and +40212 039 020 (for abroad), which will run on November 8-10 and 22-24, following the following program:

November 22 – 12 to 21 hours
November 23 and 24 – 7 – 22 hours.

During the weekend our communications are published on

Confirmations and details:

Septimius Parvu, Expert Forum, [email protected] | 0787.638.315
Maria Krause, Electoral Observer, [email protected] | 0723343312

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