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Electoral processes

Expert Forum implements projects related to organizing procedures of the elections, accreditation of internal observers and monitoring the main electoral events. Be strongly believe in the necessity of an Electoral Code that will integrate technical procedures and the characteristics of the electoral system and will reduce the bureaucracy, the discrepancies among different types of electoral laws and will facilitate the access of the citizen to the voting process. Furthermore, fighting electoral fraud is one of the priorities of this program.

Support us: We have to make government more transparent and rational, by showing that we understand what they do and react when they are wrong. Get involved, contribute and support this effort.

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News on Electoral processes

2016 local elections: between transformation and stagnation

 Expert Forum launched the 2016 local elections monitoring report. It includes information about the legislative framework, practical concerns related to the organisation of elections, as well as recommendations pertaining to the technical aspects and political …

Postal voting: it must be done, but it matters how

EFOR has constantly advocated for remote voting. But the success of this mechanism depends on the certainty of security and on the prevention of frauds or vote manipulation. EFOR has regrettably noted that the legislative …

Debate: Is e-voting a solution for Romania?

Friday, 13.03.2015, 2.30 PM American Corner Bucharest, National Library of Romania 22 Unirii Blvd., District 3, 1st floor, E wing, Room 01-03.   Following the 2014 presidential elections, the need to implement a remote voting system became even …

The Electoral Code reform can wait no longer

The 2014 elections proved how the possible penal political decisions, the lack of reaction form BEC and the neglect of the decisions by MAE can be a barrier in the organization of the elections. Bold …