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Natural resources and infrastructure

EFOR is one of the main sources of expertise on topics such as energy, natural resources and infrastructure in Romania and has initiated over time many monitoring projects. Our experts have produced public policy proposals and sent the to the decision-makers; a significant part of the recommendations can be found in the national legislation.



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National Energy Regulators: A Comparative Assessment

The following report analyzes the capacity (governance and performance) of energy (gas and electricity) regulators in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine and “benchmarks” them to the Romanian energy regulator. Energy regulators in countries that follow EU’s …

Citizen’s Watch on Energy in Romania

The topic under scrutiny is the governance and performance of Romania’s energy regulator, using an established World Bank / EC framework and measurable indicators, adapted to local risks and tested with success in 3 previous …

News on Natural resources and infrastructure

Keep calm and call out Putin’s bluff on gas

Despite the generalized panic, the EU has a very strong hand against Russia when it comes to gas. In reality Russia cannot play the game of selective cuts for long: it simply cannot stop production …

The Bridge over the Prut, version 2.0

Yesterday we launched in Chisinau, together with our Moldovan colleagues from Expert Grup, the report "The bridge over the Prut, version 2.0: electricity interconnection between Romania and Moldova". Participants included representatives of the EU Delegation in …