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Rule of law in Romania under unprecedented attack

This is the third warning in less than two months on the drift towards a non-democratic regime in Romania. This time, we wrote a letter to the President of the European Commission Barroso, to the Vice President of the EC, Viviane Reding, to the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malstrom, and to the Secretary General of the European Commission, Catherine Day.
We call on European institutions to take a stand on the Parliament’s attacks in Romania against the Constitutional Court, Ombudsman, pressures on the judiciary, Supreme Court of Magistrates, and the take-over of the Official Gazette to influence the timing of the publication of laws. Also, the Parliament refused to apply final court decisions on incompatibility of two MPs.
The letter is signed by 10 prominent NGOs in Romania (GDS, EFOR, FH Romania, CRPE, APADOR-CH, MMA, AZIR, CJI, CENTRAS, CeRe).

Read the letter here.

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