State Owned Enterprises – Preventing Corruption And State Capture (SCOPE)

In a consortium of 6 NGOs, the project provides a detailed analysis and strategic on the phenomenon of clientelism in state-owned companies (SOEs) in four EU Member States (3 new Member States, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic and an old member state, Italy), characterized by significant state interference in the economy. The project designs common indicators, in a cross-country comparative approach, proposes new data visualization tools and policy recommendations at national and European level.

The project is an innovative one. We will do for the first time an “objective” evaluation framework through concrete indicators to measure corruption and poor governance in state-owned companies in the 4 countries, to measure the evolution of corruption over time and in comparison between countries, in order to scale up at EU level. Companies will be analyzed are centrally-owned (in Romania, for example, companies such CNADNR, CFR, Hidroelectrica, Romanian Post Kerslake, CEC, RAAPPS etc) and local utilities (and regional operators of water utilities, RADET, urban transport etc.)

In the project, EFOR, CRPE and Freedom House organized a two-day event on February 20-21, 2016:

  • an official launch of the project with major stakeholders from ministries (PM Chancellery, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice), NGOs and experts, in which we ensured support from the Romanian government for the transparentization of SOEs in Romania and announced the content of the project and our intentions to collaborate with the public administration to support the reform of SOEs
  • a working, kick-off session with the project partners (6 NGOs), in which we brainstormed about the selection criteria of projects.


Materials presented and discussed during working session:

SOE framework (1)

Sorin3 (1)

Sorin2 (1)

Sorin1 (1)


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