Septimius Pârvu

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Septimius Pârvu is expert in good governance and electoral processes. He has over nine years of experience in coordinating capacity building projects for public institutions and civil society, on topics such as anti-corruption, active citizenship or electoral monitoring. He has been an experienced trainer and coordinated for more than six years the School for Democracy, a multi-annual program aimed to improve skills of civic activists and teachers in Romania and Moldova.

Between 2012 and 2019 he coordinated 9 election observation campaigns, attended by more than 6000 internal observers. Septimius has international electoral experience in countries such as Moldova, Montenegro, Slovakia or Estonia. He is currently working on a program aimed to study political clientelism and state capture in Romanian and in the region.
Septimius graduated the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bucharest.

Relevant publications

VIDEO Good Roads for Moldova or for vote buying?

What is PNDL in Romania was the program “Good Roads for Moldova” for the government in Chişinău: discretionary purse in anticipation of the general elections of February 2019. In fact, the micro-targeting was even more sophisticated and perverse than parties are able to do in Romania, but the problem of systemic clientelism – discretionary use ···

Georgia map of clientelism

Map of clientelism in Georgia

The clientelism map displays information on transfers made from 2011 to 2016 and coincides with two parliamentary elections 2012 and 2016. The breakdown of transfers is tied to results each party (5 major parties in Georgia) had in majoritarian and party list elections.

The profile of political clientelism in the region: Romania, Moldova and Georgia

Expert Forum and its partners – Watchdog and Expert Grup – have launched a serie of reports on political clientelism in Moldova, Romania and Georgia. Along with the reports we released two interactive maps of political clientelism in Romania and Moldova. The main conclusions Although there are differences in the logic and structure of investment ···

Romania’s Descent Into ‘Fire Sale Government’ Worries Civil Society

A lack of transparency and stable regulations, as well as the constant need to renegotiate how government funds are allocated, has created a fire sale style of politics in Romania and much of the Balkans. This chaotic approach, while healthy for ruling parties and their political clientele, makes real local development impossible and prevents state-owned ···

Why is Romania suddenly in turmoil?

Around the world, tens of millions of people can only dream of an income of $48,000. But in Romania today, that is how much money public officials can steal without fear of prosecution. Strictly speaking, the newly issued government decree does not make theft legal, but it decriminalises government misconduct if less than $48,000 is ···

Im Schatten von Korruption und Vetternwirtschaft

Am Sonntag wählt Rumänien ein neues Parlament. Nur noch eine kleine Stammwählerschaft hält ihre Parteien und ihre Versprechungen für vertrauenswürdig – der große Rest sind Nichtwähler. Für die größte Überraschung könnte wohl eine Newcomer-Partei aus jungen Leuten sorgen. Doch denen fehlt die politische Erfahrung.

Roumanie: élection du Parlement, les sociaux-démocrates favoris

Les Roumains ont commencé à voter dimanche lors d’élections législatives qui selon les sondages pourraient marquer le retour au pouvoir des sociaux-démocrates, après un an de purgatoire à la suite du dramatique incendie d’une boîte de nuit de Bucarest. Accusé de corruption après cet incendie qui a fait 64 morts en raison de normes de ···

Good governance in Romania includes civil society

Romania needs to pay closer attention to civil society groups and citizens who can provide expertise in the fight against corruption, experts told SETimes following the release of the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators for 2013, which assesses the governing quality of 200 countries. The 2013 data, which is the most recent available, shows that ···