Sorin Ioniță

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Expert in Public Administration Reform and Development; consultant with the European Commission, Council of Europe, World Bank, UNDP on Eastern Europe and the Balkans; former civil society representative in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC, on Transport-Energy and Environment); associate lecturer at Maastricht School of Management (MSM) and Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj). Frequent guest in current affairs news programs on TV and radio; blogger. Graduate of the Bucharest Polytechnic School (IPB); Bucharest University (UB); Central European University (CEU); PhD in Political Science, Fulbright fellow at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

EFOR at Bookfest 2024

We re-launched for the broader public the annual report Romania in 2035: Seven Challenges for the Next Ten Years at the biggest book fair in Bucharest. Now in printed format, in Romanian and English. You can get here the PDF version

EFOR workshop on disinformation with the staff of the Ministry of Interior

Sorin Ioniţă speaks in the international conference The Impact of Foreign Informational Interferences on democratic processes/elections, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their own staff in the main hall of the Government. The topic of his presentation, based on EFOR’s monitoring and research of the last years, was How effective are the Kremlin ···

China in Europe: the visit of Xi Jinping

On Prima TV News, a long discussion about Xi Jinping’s visit in Europe and Beijing’s (PRC’s) influence in our region in general. And what is to understand from the elusive BRI projects. Full video in link here. In the project Raising Awareness of Foreign Malign Influence.

Who are the Ukrainians in Romania?

There will soon be two years since the first wave of Ukrainian refugees started to arrive in Romania and many of their problems are still to be solved. Their integration on the labor market is supposed to be a priority, but this proves to be hard, while the authorities know surprisingly little about these people. ···

Book launch: Peter Pomerantsev, This is not Propaganda

On 9 Oct at 7pm don’t make other plans but come to Cărturești-Verona bookstore to discuss the Peter Pomerantsev’s volume. He is a British journalist of Russian-Ukrainian origin, probably the most profound and brilliant contemporary analyst of the mechanisms of Kremlinist-Trumpist propaganda. Translated by Cartier publishing house from Chisinau, the book should not be missing ···

The problems of Ukrainian refugees in Romania

Caught between regulations interpreted inconsistently across the territory, difficult access to services and institutions which are inefficient even for the Romanian citizens, the Ukrainian refugees struggle to cope with change and are worried about what is coming after September. The problems of Ukrainian refugees in Romania. EFOR summarizes in this report the problems faced by ···

Beijing’s influence in Romania. The China Index Project (I)

For us Europeans, Russia is the storm, but China is climate change, as the head of counterintelligence in Germany said the other day: the former causes short-term disruption, but goes away, while the latter is inexorable and will change everything, forever. It is true that a whole debate has been going on lately around the ···

China’s influence in Romania

China’s influence in Romania – and 81 other states: an index with 99 dimensions grouped in 9 sections. Why am I not surprised that the biggest attraction for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Romania is among the academic elite and domestic politics (the latter with caveats, that it is mostly about people from intelligence, ···

NGOs in wartime

In order to identify the needs of the civil society in Ukraine, and to further advocate on support of the ideas that arose as part of the research, a survey was conducted among various civil society organizations from four regions of Ukraine in cooperation with Expert Forum (EFOR): Odesa, Khmelnytskyi, Kharkiv, Kyiv city & region. ···