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Expert in Public Administration Reform and Development; consultant with the European Commission, Council of Europe, World Bank, UNDP on Eastern Europe and the Balkans; former civil society representative in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC, on Transport-Energy and Environment); associate lecturer at Maastricht School of Management (MSM) and Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj). Frequent guest in current affairs news programs on TV and radio; blogger. Graduate of the Bucharest Polytechnic School (IPB); Bucharest University (UB); Central European University (CEU); PhD in Political Science, Fulbright fellow at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

For the first time in history, people die under the EU flag

The EU spends millions of Euro to make its institutions and symbols better known, recognizable – and, maybe, just maybe, a little loved, please? From information programs to organized tours, from websites to visual propaganda, no (awkward) effort was spared to instill into the European citizenry a sense of belonging and create a modicum of ···

EFOR annual report 2014: The Costs of non-West

Read the report here (RO only). On Feb 6, at 11.00, at Hilton Hotel, Bucharest, together with our special guest Andrei Plesu, we launch EFOR’s annual report analyzing the most important developments from the last year and making forecasts. In brief, the year 2013 confirmed the public’s worst expectations from 2012: it ended in a ···

L’exception culturelle: tax Homer?

Funny the whole talk in Europe these days about l’exception culturelle, that is, protecting the film industry against free competition, unless Hollywood floods us with mind-numbing stories with schematic characters giving chase and butchering each other. The irony is that the whole culture of Europe originates in precisely the ultimate bloody blockbuster: THE ILIAD

The new Romanian constitution: incompetent legislator, dangerous provisions

In less than two weeks of debate the Review Commission has finalized the proposed amendments to the Constitution. In terms of content the changes are substantial: the balance of powers is tilted, the Parliament gets superpowers at the expense of CCR and ICCJ; the rift between prosecutors and judges deepens and the President remains with ···

Romania, presidente Basescu lancia procedura per referendum

Proposta prevede Parlamento monocamerale e taglio deputati 12 giugno, 11:03 (ANSA) – BUCAREST – Il presidente romeno Traian Basescu ha annunciato di aver iniziato le procedure per l’organizzazione di un referendum di revisione costituzionale. Secondo l’intenzione di Basescu, i cittadini dovrebbero potersi esprimere su due temi principali, ossia la possibilità di abbandonare il bicameralismo per ···

Работническата класа отива в Рая: при българите

Докато балкански столици като Атина, Истанбул и дори  София бяха окупирани на 1 май от демонстранти, протестиращи  срещу мерките за икономии, букурещяни оставиха града на  произвола на съдбата, бягайки като по времето на руско-турските  войни: гражданите – по селата, селяните – по полетата, както би  казал хроникьорът.

Young Merkel as kolkhoznitsa

Passed by it many times before, but only today noticed how full of naked, gender-imbalanced symbolism is the slightly agitprop statue in front of the EU Parliament in rue Wiertz: German woman beating fallen Cypriot man (Portuguese, Italian, etc) about the head with oversized euro.

Romanian Clientelism Map – now in Cluj

We discussed about cronyism in local government funding allocations and investments in Cluj, at the headquarters of localism, with the former chief negotiator Puscas and academics from UBB. We also spoke about Europeanism and about the determinants of corruption, which are mostly cultural and institutional. All local (remaining) media was present, and in the evening ···

Horses are not evil: a market-based solution

In spite of what the media would let you believe, horse meat is good for you. Grinded or not. Here is a market-based solution for solving what appears to be a EU-wide problem today. By the way, have you ever tried donkey?