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Expert in Public Administration Reform and Development; consultant with the European Commission, Council of Europe, World Bank, UNDP on Eastern Europe and the Balkans; former civil society representative in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC, on Transport-Energy and Environment); associate lecturer at Maastricht School of Management (MSM) and Babeş-Bolyai University (Cluj). Frequent guest in current affairs news programs on TV and radio; blogger. Graduate of the Bucharest Polytechnic School (IPB); Bucharest University (UB); Central European University (CEU); PhD in Political Science, Fulbright fellow at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

China’s influence in Romania

China’s influence in Romania – and 81 other states: an index with 99 dimensions grouped in 9 sections. Why am I not surprised that the biggest attraction for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Romania is among the academic elite and domestic politics (the latter with caveats, that it is mostly about people from intelligence, ···

NGOs in wartime

In order to identify the needs of the civil society in Ukraine, and to further advocate on support of the ideas that arose as part of the research, a survey was conducted among various civil society organizations from four regions of Ukraine in cooperation with Expert Forum (EFOR): Odesa, Khmelnytskyi, Kharkiv, Kyiv city & region. ···

Ukraine is not Russia! What are the differences?

Why the Ukrainian society turns out to be so different from the one in Russia – first and foremost in its strong option for Europe / the West? What is the source of this resilience / capacity to organize / bottom up initiatives in Ukraine? Can we hope for a similar change in Russia at ···

Key messages in the conference Eastern Europe-Taiwan

Key messages in the conference held on June 23rd 2021 True to their agenda of democracy building, EFOR and its main partner, the Black Sea Trust (BST, a program of the GMF-US), organized a conference to explore how this potential for cooperation between Taiwan and the Black Sea countries could materialize. Here are some key ···

In Brief on 9DASHLINE

EFOR meddles in East Asia, in the proverbial China shop: what we as East-Europeans should do in the growing crisis related to Communist China’s presence in Europe, and how it would help a lot if we were more pragmatic and thought outside the box. Thank you 9DASHLINE

Conference: Eastern Europe and the Republic of China (Taiwan)

June 23 rd 2021, 11:00 CET (17:00 in Taipei; 12:00 in Bucharest) The potential for cooperation between the Eastern Europe/Black Sea countries and the Republic of China (Taiwan) is underexploited and the country’s visibility in our region is low. This is unfortunate because we share important values, like democratic pluralism and the freedom of speech. ···

The Chinese in the Black Sea Countries

In the last three decades a small Chinese diaspora has emerged in Romania and other countries of Eastern Europe. Who are these people? Amy Liu, a Taiwanese-American from the University of Texas, explains here. Read full text of Pol Brief 121

Falling into History

Beijing celebrates next month 100 years of Chinese-style communism. The triumphalism and intensity of propaganda are unprecedented, but the problem is that China’s international prestige has diminished seriously, especially in Europe. EFOR’s report summarizes the situation and advances a few priorities for redefining the relation between the New Member States and the People’s Republic of ···