Romania, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova

National Energy Regulators: A Comparative Assessment

The following report analyzes the capacity (governance and performance) of energy (gas and electricity) regulators in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine and “benchmarks” them to the Romanian energy regulator. Energy regulators in countries that follow EU’s Energy Directives of the Third Energy Package – EU members, as well as members of the Energy Community and countries ···

State-Owned Companies – Preventing Corruption and State Capture

A Comparative Assessment – Performance vs Governance of SOEs in Romania, Italy, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic

Can we measure corruption and capture in state-owned companies, beyond impressions, opinion polls and indicators of compliance with governance standards? Is there a way in which we can gauge the level of resources that are misused or simply wasted, can we compare across countries and in time, and is there a correlation between the governance ···

the electricity interconnection between Romania and Moldova

The Bridge over the Prut, version 2.0

Yesterday we launched in Chisinau, together with our Moldovan colleagues from Expert Grup, the report “The bridge over the Prut, version 2.0: electricity interconnection between Romania and Moldova”. Participants included representatives of the EU Delegation in Chisinau, companies, embassies, international donors, experts, media. The main findings of the conference: The interconnections with Romania, both on gas ···

EFOR organizes the conference “Anti-fraud Measures in Public Procurement in the EU Single Market – Legal, Institutional and Technical Solutions”

EFOR and Partnership for Social Development will organize the conference Anti-fraud Measures in Public Procurement in the EU Single Market – Legal, Institutional and Technical Solutions, on Friday, 28th March 2014, at Minerva Hotel, 2-4 G-ral. Gheorghe Manu Str., 1st District, Bucharest. The event will be organized at the same time in Croatia (Zagreb) and ···