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What a sane Government would do to restitute the property stolen by communists

The No-Compromise Version

Let’s see: the Government calculated property restitution claims at some 16 billion EUR, hence the budget can cover only 15%, in installments over 10-12 years. Here’s an alternative financing plan, to not add insult to injury. The budget can afford 15%; by setting up Property Fund 2.0 you get another 20%; if you restitute in full you can give back in kind whatever buildings are still standing (possibly the majority of Romano-Catholic property).


For additional money we are also waiting for PM Ungureanu’s announcement this week that his people renegotiated well the “smart guys” contracts eliminating the 250 million EUR annual loss of Hidroelectrica, which in 10 years is the equivalent of the entire housing claims. And no, PM Ungureanu’s public apologies for the thefts at ANRP are not enough – the Government must seek in courts the reversal of fishy expropriations, instead of giving lame excuses.

Read the brief here.

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