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What scores does ANRE deserve today?

The Third Evaluation of ANRE

The future of energy regulation in Romania is not so bright – despite the fact that we have now a good, brand new law, for the organization of ANRE, The Parliament has decided in less than 3 weeks after the law’s publication to appoint a regulatory committee for ANRE made of people whose only background is party support, not competence and reputation.  Meaning, exactly the opposite of what’s written in the law.  In the long run, maybe we should think of transferring to EU as much as possible of our regulatory functions, we seem to be incapable of building an institution that works.  Maybe we can even think of dismantling ANRE altogether and allow ACER, the new European regulator, to do the job – it is certainly more independent of our politicians and companies, not to mention that all key positions are filled in competitively based on competencies.

Following the recent events we published the third evaluation of ANRE and a policy brief.  You can find the publications here:

Report: ANRE third report EN

Policy brief: Pol-Brief-12 ANRE EN


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