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Transnational network for fighting public procurement crimes

The project Cross-Country Legal and Institutional Framework for Suppression of Fraud in Public Procurement is a joint endeavour of the experts from Partnership for Social Development (Croatia) and EFOR. These two organizations and their experts are engaged in strategic partnership since 2005 in the field of fight against corruption, policy research and national and EU advocacy actions for fight against fraud, corruption, conflict of interest, favouritism in distribution of the state aid, and corruption in energy sector. Both organizations and experts have implemented numerous projects in this area.

Experts from the PSD and EFOR have designed this action based on the more than a decade of experience in the fight against fraud, corruption and other forms of crimes committed in official capacity, with the main emphasis on the legal, institutional and technical solutions applied in Croatia (main result visible at At the very beginning of the design of the tool it was envisaged that solutions can be replicated in other EU countries, as it is the only database in Europe that is searchable in English aside from the national language – in all categories. Action aims at exchange of best practice between Croatia and Romania and design of the first joint EU Cross – Country Anti-fraud Mechanisms, as well as design of the joint EU cross-country procurement market. The project will cover all aspects of quality anti-fraud policy making, from risk assessment, adjustment of the existing tool, consultations with all relevant policy stakeholders,   design of the changes in the legal and institutional framework, to advocacy as described in description of activities). Methodology as well as target groups have been selected carefully based on the previous expertise of all experts (PSD and EFOR) in order to assure the maximum impact of the project, and quality of the results.

The partners will identify vulnerabilities in the system for prevention and fight against frauds, will communicate the results to the decision-makers and will publish  a public policy including technical, legal and institutional solutions for improving the national and European framework. EFOR and PSD will also organize a series of conferences and an interactive simultaneous (Romania-Croatia) workshop.

Read more about the activities of the project:

First conference, Bucharest, January 2014 / Report #1 Assessing the efficiency, integrity, and transparency of the Romanian public procurement system

Second conference, Bucharest, March 2014
Third conference, Brussels, 28 May 2014 / Report #2



This project is supported by the European Union Programme Hercule II (2007-2013). This programme is implemented by the European Commission. It was established to promote activities to combat fraud affecting the EU’s financial interests, including cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting.

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