We have sent the Electoral Law Committee a project on the Social Security Numbers’ verification system

Since 2014, EFOR upheld the need for a Social Security Number verification system run by electoral authorities, in order to avoid multiple votes. During the November 2014 presidential elections, the phenomenon of organized transportation of voters by political parties reached a significant spread, with places where up to 400% of the people voted on additional lists. In order to avoid such risks, multiple voting included, it is necessary developing an Internet-connected infrastructure that enables members of the electoral offices to perform a real-time check if the person in front of them has previously voted.

The project proposed by Adrian Badea (graduate student at Stockholm) and supported by Expert Forum presents the main elements of the system: the use of tablets to scan identity documents and identify irregularities. The system is connected to the Internet and is accessible to all polling stations. The system can operate independently or it can be connected to the Electoral Register; it could be developed both for domestic polling stations and for those located abroad. Estimated costs for the system amount to 6.5 million euros, a version smaller than the 20 mil. EUR project announced by the Permanent Electoral Authority in 2010.

The draft can be read here –  Prevention and control system against multiple voting

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