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What we don’t know about China?

Chinese prosperity is largely state propaganda. The myth of China’s effectiveness is beginning to fade. Details about the Chinese population’s rights and liberties as well as economic opportunities came to surface in recent years. China is investing heavily in innovative technologies, but the goal is to tighten monitoring and control of its people, NOT to improve their quality of life.


Since coming to power in 2012, CCP General Secretary and current President Xi Jinping has gradually outlined an ambitious agenda, summarized in a few explicit points related to the Centenary celebrated this year:

1. Achieving by 2021 the “goal of the century” to have a “moderate-prosperous society”;
2. Elimination of extreme poverty, especially in rural areas, related to access to education and health;
3. Transforming Communist China into a “global power of the Internet”;
4. All this is placed under the umbrella of the “Chinese dream” (copy-paste after American Dream), a slogan also associated with Xi’s political program.
5. Externally, the “project of the century” called Belt and Road was launched, meant to surround the planet with critical transport infrastructure.

Watch the Chinese success model in the video or find out more from our policy brief.

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